Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Busy Times

Hey all

I've been busy busy!

I have a website now:
It's still a WIP but it will be looking much better soon.

I have been busy drawing, and have entered some artwork in to a couple of competitions.

This one was for a deviantArt merchandise promotion competition:

Stress Ball Angel

And this one was for a t-shirt design competition:

Sketchoholic T-Shirt Competition

Both competitions are still being judged and voting on the Sketcholic design opens at the beginning of next week.

Here are some of my new sketches:

Jubbly Mermaid

Happy Couple

Homestar and Marzipan

Felicity and Richard

I'm also gearing up for selling my handpainted t-shirts at the Armageddon Expo in Auckland in a few weeks time. You can view all the tee shirts I've been working on here. And there's more to come!

I'll keep you all updated on this blog, my Facebook page, and my Twitter as well.


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