Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hamilton and Wellington Armageddon Expos

Rocked out with my hand painted t-shirt stall at the Hamilton and Wellington Armageddon Expos. Had such a blast! Awesome response from everyone - especially all you arty-farty Wellingtonians!

Big huge thanks to my Mum and Dad and brother Dan for helping out, and to Richard from Blastosaurus for being just plain awesome.

Here are some piccies showing all the fun that was had.

Me at my stall in one of my new t-shirt dresses.

Awesome anime voice actors from Digimon, Naruto, & Full Metal Alchemist.
Brian Beacock (left) is looking awesome in his Pretty T-Rex t-shirt.
Dave Wittenburg (right) is rocking the Assistant Dragon Wrangler t-shirt.
And Vic Mignogna is sneaking in the back!

Two lovely ladies sporting their KilowattKatie t-shirt purchases.

My Dad and Mum finding their inner fangirl.

Some awesome costumes!

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