Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wellington Armageddon Expo

The Wellington Armageddon Expo is this weekend!

Westpac Stadium, Sat 1st - Mon 3rd June, 10am-6pm.

The Armageddon Expo is a massive entertainment and pop culture expo, similar to Comic-Con. And me and my hand painted t-shirts will be there!

*Newsflash* I will even have five new t-shirt designs. I know it's been a while folks, but I will finally have some brand spanking new things.

Here I am, hard at work on my new designs... sort of...

Once you've finished checking out my t-shirts at stall 63, you can go check out all the movies, TV, games, technology, animation, comics, sci-fi, fantasy, collectables, celebrities, costumes and geekery.

It's a whole butt-load of fun!

Get your tickets here, or grab them at the door.

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